20 year old artist. Trained Clarks shoe fitter. Sick but coping. Happy goth kid.
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I just get so happy thinking about winter and Christmas and I seriously cannot wait

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Rantasmo talking about the bullshit of the “trap” trope, regarding the piss-poor portrayal of trans* folk in media

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You know how straight women ask femmes why don’t they like men if they like butches, but never ask themselves why don’t they like butches if they like men?

Clearly it has nothing to do with finding it hard to tell the difference between butch women and masculine men, because really they couldn’t be more different if they tried. It has everything to do with lesbophobia though and calling female homosexuality into question. Call these androcentric bigots out whenever you can.

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The floor is lava. [vid]

This is one of the best gifs

omfg I’ve only ever seen the end part of this gif this is amazing

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The life long negative impacts of FGM.

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